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Latest. Virgin Mobile Campaign

`hey guys . I’m really excited to launch the latest Virgin Mobile campaign that I worked on out in LA. Not only did we cover stills in this campaign but we worked with Virgin to create some short and sweet video work for all their social media needs. Here is one of the videos that we put together as well as a bunch of cool still shots. Enjoy and please give me your feedback on the videos or stills !


THE WORKSPACE featuring STONEFRUIT. Espresso and kitchen

I recently discovered StoneFruit in Brooklyn an espresso bar and cafe. When i arrived I felt completely inspired as soon as i entered this plant filled cafe. The decor, the food, the music, the matcha lattes and the people who work there are just awesome, so i had to feature StoneFruit as one of my WorkSpace projects. My WorkSpace project is about finding creative, unique people or business’s  that inspire me. I then create a series of images and video that visually tell their story and share it with everybody.  Check them out STONEFRUIT WEBSITE  or visit them in Brooklyn ! See the shoot below. The video shoot i did with them will be edited and published on Vimeo in a week or two and will be added to this blog

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