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Latest. Virgin Mobile Campaign

`hey guys . I’m really excited to launch the latest Virgin Mobile campaign that I worked on out in LA. Not only did we cover stills in this campaign but we worked with Virgin to create some short and sweet video work for all their social media needs. Here is one of the videos that we put together as well as a bunch of cool still shots. Enjoy and please give me your feedback on the videos or stills !


The DailyImage – Hello Shaun Michelson from Wilhelmina

I had the pleasure of working with Shaun Michelson in New York City a few weeks back. After meeting him I found out he was also South African and from my hometown Cape Town. Then we got chatting a little further and discovered that we were the same age and we were in the same class in Grade 1 and 2 . Its a small fucking world . We shot on the rooftop of my building, 13 floors up and all this model wanted to do was balance on the railing and do some crazy action shots ! He is INSANE ~!

Here is one of my favorite shots of the day

Shaun Michelson