About Candy Kennedy

Commercial Advertising Photographer based in New York.

I’m a South African born photographer raised in a little town called Cape Town on the southern tip of Africa. Yes, Africa, and I can assure you i never came across lions and elephants on the way to school ūüėÄ

5 years ago I made the big move to New York with my family, a place that I now call home.

My images¬†are alive and packed with expression and emotion. I relate to my subjects really well and am always able to capture beautiful ¬†real moments with them. As my dad says if you gonna do something, make sure you’re the best at it, and that is what i live by. I stay professional and humble, and this work etiquette is appreciated by all that I work with

When I do get time off¬†I love to explore new neighborhoods and discover new cool coffee shops around the city.¬†I live uptown in Harlem with my son and my husband. My son Cash, ¬†has taught me a lot about kids, and through him I have learnt how to photograph them¬†in a natural, real way that brings out each and everyone of their personality’s ¬†and quirks. I am patient and down to earth and that is my most important assets while photographing kids.